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Rar Repair Tool

Actual Rar Repair Tool v.3.0

Efficiently repair corrupt RAR and SFX files of any size, recover damaged RAR archives, fix CRC error, repair RAR files in batch mode.

fix rar file crc error

The problem of efficient restoring of compressed information is known to any PC user. Sometimes we can unpack the corrupted archive and get the files we need. Rar file corruption often happens when we download files from the Internet. And, the most disappointing thing is the lost time and money, that you can't get back. Still, in case of a system failure or a virus attack, rar and sfx archives kept on your PC can also be damaged and you may lose necessary and important data. So, if rar and sfx files you have downloaded or kept on some kind of media are damaged and system notices like "Unexpected end of file" or "CRC checks failure" leave you totally frustrated, then chances are you will need Actual Rar Repair Tool (aka ARRT). With this software in place, you can repair all versions of rar and sfx archives on various media storage devices, such as CD-ROMs, Zip disks, floppy disks, etc. ARRT also enables you to select the rar and sfx files to be repaired on the local computer

Actual Rar Repair Tool is extremely easy in use, it works completely in the automatic mode. All you have to do is to locate corrupted rar files for recovery and the program is ready to work. It thoroughly scans the corrupt rar archive and extracts all the available files that haven't been damaged. With ARRT, the recovery of corrupt rar archives is more than simple. Even an inexperienced PC user can handle this utility. Its clear and user-friendly interface helps a great deal. To make the program even handier, we made ARRT support drag & drop operations.

What's more, ARRT has other unsurpassed advantages: an ability to recover multi-volume and solid rar archives. Its powerful engine can fix rar and sfx files of any size (4 Gb and more). It also can repair rar and sfx files in the batch mode. Solving the problem of corrupted rar files recovery, we implemented the latest technologies in ARRT and created a powerful utility, easily overcoming CRC failures and minimizing the loss in file corruption. This state of the art product is powerful and sophisticated enough to let you achieve the finest result in the shortest time. Try this software and examine the perfect performance of ARRT. No doubt, you will be sure that we offer you a really efficient and handy tool.

Actual Rar Repair Tool key features are:
  • Repairing all versions of both RAR and SFX archives;
  • Recovery of multi-volume archives;
  • Ability to fix rar files of any size (4 Gb and more);
  • Batch mode;
  • Robust recovery engine;
  • Full automation of recovery process;
  • Drag&Drop support;
  • User-friendly interface.
The Demo version of the program will show you the list of all files recovered from the RAR or SFX archive, but these recovered files will not be stored on your hard drive. To save the recovered files, you must purchase the full version of this software.

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